Bacon Anyone?

Who doesn’t like Bacon?  I absolutely LOVE Bacon!  I mean, I could probably eat it every day of the week, but……

Besides eating it, I love to cook and season other foods with it, like green beans, black eyed peas or fresh zipper peas.

I really can’t afford to go to the store every time I need bacon.  I use a lot of it, remember? 😉

I love going to Trader Joe’s and stocking up on their “Ends and Pieces” Bacon.  It’s perfect for all the cooking that requires bacon grease and well, just the flavoring!  I only buy uncured bacon, without the nitrites and if I can’t find any at TJ’s, then I buy Applegate.


This is really affordable ($2-3) and now that I have a TJ’s near me, I go a couple times a month and stock up!



When I get home, I pull out anywhere from 5-6 sandwich zip lock bags and I divide all the bacon among the bags.  What’s cool about this bacon is that it’s already chopped and cut up for you, making it perfect for cooking a pot of beans!



I then seal them up and stick them in the freezer.  So, every time I need bacon for cooking, I just get in the freezer and pull a bag out.  It’s no mess and the perfect amount pre-measured!




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