Before They say “I Do”

I was so excited when my niece announced that she was engaged last winter.  That meant I could photograph the wedding and make my yummy cupcakes for the shower.  Bonus!!!

I love entertaining and my sister, my niece’es great aunt and I decided that we would go in together and do the shower.  It makes it more cost effective and with my sister, Lynn, and I, it made it easier for us as we were traveling to Palm Coast for the shower.


I was in charge of the cupcakes, my bacon dip, drinks and pictures.  Check!

So, I decided to make my carrot cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter cream frosting.  I thought I’d make the carrot cupcakes in the form of a wedding dress.  I think it turned out really cute!



I love paying attention to detail when I am at events.  I know how hard it is to put something like this together, so I always try to make sure that I mention it to the hostess. <3

DSC_0557 DSC_0558

By now, you are probably wandering where is the recipe for these yummy looking cupcakes?  Am I right?

I will be posting these soon under a separate post.  You’ll want to print this one out! 🙂


The favor gift was a bar of soap and a srubby.  I thought it was a perfect idea!







My sister made these awesome roll ups with Turkey, cream cheese and pickles!  Oh my!!












I made hibiscus tea from a lady that I bought the loose leaves from at a local farmer’s market. This is so good that you don’t even need any sugar.


We had a fabulous time and I’d post the picture of me as the model of the toilet paper dress contestant, but you might re-consider reading my blog anymore LOL.  It was quite comical really.

Stay tuned for the recipes and maybe more pics 😉


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