Don’t You Dare Plant Any Seeds Today

Says Who?

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, today is NOT a good day to plant seeds.



I just came in from prepping my garden area for fall planting.  Here in Florida, it’s that time again.  I am exhausted!  I wish somebody was home to take a picture of me.  I look and smell disgusting LOL. Nothing a shower can fix though, right?  And the reward will be so much greater!!!



This year, I decided to find some things around my property and re-purpose them in the garden.  I grabbed two pallets, an old horse trough, iron gate and some tree limbs. I’m thinking the galvanized trough will hold carrots and rosemary (they make good companions).



I’m not sure yet what is going in the pallets.  I will now sit down and map out my seeds and then see what will be the companion plant to go along with it.  There’s certain plants that you don’t want to plant next to as they will not grow.  For instance, beets grow very well with pole beans next to them.



The next thing I made was a trellis for all my beans.  I just went out in the yard and collected small tree limbs and cut them to the size that I wanted.  Grab your post hole diggers, set them up in dirt and then tie your string for them to climb on.  I put a post in the middle of mine for added support.  I guess I could’ve made two trellis’, but I could only find 5 limbs and I was too hot to keep looking LOL.



One thing you must not forget when you start working in the yard is water.  Please stay hydrated my friends!!!



See, you can garden anywhere!  These two pallets really don’t take up a lot of space.  I have a family of four and I have several areas on my property that I use to grow veggies and fruits.  It’s perfect for my family!  Stay tuned for Part II where I will show you how to companion garden.  You can grab the planting days calendar for September and October here.

Happy Prepping Your Garden!!!!



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