Saturday Morning Chores



Laundry! So, who else is doing laundry today?  Fortunately, I don’t save all my laundry for one day, so I really only have a few loads to do.

We have one of those front loaders, actually it’s really nice, but to save money on the cost of electricity and propane (the dryer), I choose to dry our clothes outside.  My hubby made me a really nice one right in front of my flower garden.  So, I get an extra bonus when it comes to our clothes smelling good!





The clothes line was pretty simple to make.  You just get 4 posts, a few eye hooks and we used para-cord for the string.  My daughter had some ugly green and yellow, so I said that will work!





Oh, I forgot to mention you’ll need these bolt thingys.  Just tell your hubby that you want to save money on your electricity and then yours will build you one too! 🙂

I actually enjoy doing laundry and I love the smell when I take them off the line.  Now, I will tell you for towels, I take them off just a little damp and then toss them in the dryer for a few minutes so they are crunchy.  ALWAYS, add fabric softener to your wash so the rest of your clothes are crunchy too!

Hope you are having a great Saturday!  Get your chores done so you can go have some fun!!

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