Dress Up a Picture Frame in Less Than Five Minutes

Do you have any picture frames that every time you walk past them, you think “That could use a little something”?  Well, I had two that I just wasn’t feeling it, so I went to my craft bag and got to work!


Here’s a quick and easy tip to dress up any picture frame.  It can be wood, plastic, ceramic, porcelain, etc.


Start with your blank frame.  I am using two of the same style but they came in different sizes (one 4×6 and one 5×7).


Next, grab some embellishments.  It can be things laying around your house or go to your local craft store and purchase whatever you like.  I had these just sitting in my craft bag and I thought they were looking a little lonely, so they got chosen first!


Then, you will need you glue gun or whatever type of adhesive that will adhere to your frame material.  Mine is kinda like a leathery material, so I used the glue gun.  You really only need a dab as it sticks immediately.


Find the location that you want to place your embellishment on.  On this frame, I grabbed a piece of scrap burlap and just added a little extra “pop” to the flower (since it was a little small).



And, your finished product.  Super duper easy and dresses up a plain ‘ole frame! Enjoy!

This post is featured this week over at Natural Family Living.  Go and check out Vanessa’s page along with other bloggers of Natural Living.  You never know just what you might get yourself into LOL.


Happy Friday!

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