Discover how to live more sustainably from world leading experts!


Do you know how to collect, store, and purify rain water properly?

Do you know exactly what to have on hand in the case of an EMP attack or “Guaranteed” Solar Storm that knocks out all the power for days, weeks, or even months?

What about the top 5 Miracle Herbs to always have on hand that will help you heal any wound or injury?

And how about how to create sustainable food forests that thrive in any climate and provide food for you year after year?

All of this will be covered and a lot more during the Self Reliance Summit!  I am super excited and especially with what is going on in our country as well as others right now, we need to know this!


REGISTER HERE For This “Free” Self-Reliance Online Summit:

During the summit you will learn:

• How to Grow Your Own Food Effectively and Efficiently
• When Disaster Strikes: What You Need to Know, Do, and Have on Hand
• Return to Your Roots: How Anyone Can Embrace the Homesteading Lifestyle
• Emergency Home Power. More Electricity than you need in a Disaster
• What most people don’t know about self-reliant living and preparedness
• The intersection of self-respect and well-being
• Alternatives to Dentist – How to Prevent and Heal Common Tooth Ailments
• The New Homesteading Movement
• Creating Sustainable Food Forests, Building Community, and Staying Warm
• Emergency Herbal Medicine Storage
• Survival In A Nut Shell
• Water:What to do if the Tap Runs Dry
• Sustainable Medicine before, during and after a collapse
• And So Much More!

With World Renowned speakers such as Mike Adams from Natural News, Marjory Wildcraft from Grow Your Own Groceries, Best Selling Author of When Tech Fails Matthew Stein, Jill Winger from the Prairie Homestead, Power and Electricity Expert Steven Harris, Gerald Celente from Trends Research, Master Herbal Medic Doug Simons, Laurie Neverman from Common Sense Home, The Duke of Permaculture Paul Wheaton, David Christopher from School of Natural Healing, Daniel Shrigley from the TV Show Survival Trek Escape, Scott Hunt from Practical Preppers, and Sam Coffman from the Human Path… this event will give you the leading edge when it comes to self-reliance and sustainable living…

….you can be assured that this will be the most engaging, uplifting, and empowering summit you’ve ever attended dedicated to providing real solutions to living more self sustained.


The Summit is hosted and produced by Nathan Crane, founder of The Panacea Community and creator of Self Reliance Mastery.

I hope to see you on the summit. 🙂




Wendy Walker

P.S. As a special gift for attendees, you will receive instant downloadable training resources once you register absolutely free that teach you how to:

• Make gasoline from alcohol at home
• Be prepared for any kind of global pandemic
• Create a home battery bank
• First Aid
• And More!

DOWNLOAD YOUR Free Gifts When You Register Here

Happy Homesteading!  Remember, you can do it no matter how big or small your property is! YES, YOU CAN! <3


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