Produce, Preserve, and Prepare Your Harvest



So, what have you been preserving lately?

Do you grind your own flour?

Have you hopped on the Homesteading Wagon yet?

I love going from Farm to Table, but I really enjoying preserving my harvest!  Right now, I have all kinds of stuff growing in my garden.  Everything should be ready for pickin’ in the next month or so!  It’s FALL here in Florida. 🙂


I can’t wait to start making some of my garlic dill pickles!  My vines are growing quite nicely so it won’t be long now!  My friend Hope and I bought this ridiculous amount of mason jars a few years ago from a lady for $60.  I think I had a total at one time of 250.  I have them organized in my garage and whenever we get free time then we will get to canning.  There’s a huge variety of regular, wide mouth, wired, pint, quart, lids, etc.  We were blessed when we found these!


The one thing I do have my eye on for this year’s purchase is a food mill.  Do you have one already?  I’ve got my eye on this one right here….


A friend of mine has one and if you have never tasted fresh ground flour, well, then you are missing out!  It literally took us 1 minute to grind the flour.  Crazy!

I can’t wait to get mine so I can start grinding my own.  The whole Gluten-Free epidemic is so bad because all of the commercial flour is tainted with chemicals during their process.  My grandpa made bread all the time and I don’t ever remembering either of my grandparents having food allergies.

If you have a mill already, which one do you have?  Is it manual crank or electric?  How often do you use it?

Stop over and see my friends at Pantry Paratus.  They have everything we need for homesteading, canning, grain mills and I love all of their tutorials!



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Hope to see you on the summit!

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  1. Carrie Allen at Reply

    Wendy, you are an inspiration to me. All the things I was interested in as a young woman, you are doing! Thanks for all the great ideas and sources. I’m much older now, but reading your blogs and hearing the wonderful “homey” things you do just make me happy! I look forward to them all!

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