Don’t Have a Pressure Canner?

Just because you don’t have a pressure canner DOESN’T mean you can’t still preserve fresh vegetables!




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So, what do you do when you have a garden growing of green beans or kale and you planted more than you can consume?  Pressure Canners can be costly, so what do you do?

Well, you can freeze them.  Yep, you sure can.  If you follow the process directly, then you can enjoy fresh veggies whenever you want.


First, wash your veggies and get all the dirt off.  If you using green beans, make sure you pull all the stems off.  When using something like kale, make sure you tear the stalk off.


Next, put them in boiling water and blanch them for 2 minutes.


Have a bowl ready with ice water.  When you pull them off the stove, dunk them in the bowl immediately.


Blanching fresh vegetables before storing them in the freezer preserves their color, flavor and texture. Blanching slows the enzyme action that can cause frozen vegetables to deteriorate and lose nutrients and taste. Vegetables frozen without blanching are still safe to use, but there is a significant loss of quality, particularly if they’re stored longer than a few months.


Let your blanched veggies set in the ice water for a few minutes.  Then, pull them out and put them on a towel to dry.


Once they are dry, package them in a Ziploc bag or you can use one of those fancy food saver thingys.


I opted for the Ziploc bags LOL.  Since my beans aren’t ready yet for pickin’, I went and purchased 2lbs. for .98/lb at my local market.  I also purchased (2) bunches of Organic Kale.  I knew they wouldn’t last in the fridge all week, so I decided to blanch them today instead.

Now, I can use the kale in my smoothies and pull out green beans when I need to!

You can find detailed instructions here at

Hope you’re having a good week!


Oops!  I almost forgot….don’t forget about “what to do with the little pieces and stems”??  They go to any of your critters out back.  We’re dual purposing LOL.

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