Jill Winger over at The Prairie Homestead Has Something Going On!

Did you listen to Jill Winger over at the Prairie Homestead today?

Jill Winger

October 2nd • 12pm PDT/3pm EDT

Return to Your Roots: How Anyone Can Embrace the Homesteading Lifestyle

Backyard chickens, mason jars, container gardening, dairy animals… The modern-day homesteading movement is on the rise as people feel the urge to return to their roots and enjoy a simpler way of life. In my presentation, I’ll share my own story of stumbling upon the lifestyle of modern homesteading, and share how listeners can embrace it for themselves, whether they live in a high-rise apartment or on 100 acres of wide open space.

If you missed her, you can still listen to her for the next 48 hours.  Wonderful broadcast!  Loved listening to her insights….

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Don’t forget to catch Steven Harris tonight at 8pm.  He will be speaking about Emergency Home Power!

Steven Harris

October 2nd • 5pm PDT/8pm EDT

Emergency Home Power. More Electricity than you need in a Disaster

I talk about everything energy, how to power your house from your car, how to power it from a generator, how to run the generator off natural gas so you have no fuel storage issues. I talk about how to store fuel for those who must store gasoline. I cover what to power and what not to power in your house so you know what you need and do not need. I cover solar and other methods as well as the things out there you DO NOT want to buy and in depth on the simple things you can buy that will make everything that stopped working because of the power failure, now work because you have a source of electricity.

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