Stuff to Stock Those Stockings!


Is it too early for me to be talking about stockings? LOL

I don’t think so…..especially when I’m talking about my “Lip Butters”.  I absolutely love these things!

Have you seen my newest flavor?  Nourishing Mint – It has a hint of peppermint and is amazing on your lips!

All of my lip butters have the purest ingredients – Organic Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E and Essential Oils.


So, here’s the flavors you can choose from:

Plain Jane – Natural

Sweet Feed – Lavender

Rural Bliss – Grapefruit

Nourishing Mint – Peppermint

The neat thing about my lip butters is that they go great under a coat of lipstick.  Apply a few swipes first, then put on your lipstick or lip gloss.


They cost only $3.50 each and literally are like butter on your lips!  This is the perfect time of year when the weather is colder and our lips get chapped.  Grab a few and stick one in each family members stocking!


You can find them locally at BZ’s Happy Plants located at 37439 SR19 in Eustis (between Umatilla and SR44/19).  They may also be shipped anywhere in the US for $1.50.  Please inquire for larger quantities as the S/H will be calculated at the time of order.


WANT TO SEE OUR LIP BUTTER IN YOUR STORE?  Please email us at for more information.  You can even customize your label to fit your stores’ name and logo.

Happy Stocking Stuffing Shopping!


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