New Year, New Goals

I hope you are enjoying the first part of 2015!  I can’t believe we are already in the middle of January.  What’s up with all this fast moving stuff?

So, did you set some goals this year?  I’m not really one to make the whole “New Years Resolution” things; however, I have made a commitment to myself to get more organized this year.  I know, most that know me think I’m an organized freak (which I am with certain things), but I want to go a little deeper this year.

Even though I strive to live a simple life, I still feel that there’s so much to do around our homestead and I really want to focus on getting my act together.  I’m good at collecting eggs (well, sometimes) and planting my garden, but somehow I seem to forget to clean the A/C vents throughout the year or go through my “junk” drawer.  Does this sound familiar?


So, last year I started thinking ( I know that can be scary sometimes) that I wanted to design a notebook and have cute little tabs inside and be all organized with my different categories.  Well, I lucked out and found several online and they are for the most part “FREE”.  Yep, you heard me!

I actually found a few that I liked, so what I have done is combined theirs and created some forms of my own to make it fit my family.


Taylor over at Home Storage Solutions has it going on!  Check out her 52-week challenge HERE.  I have 15 minutes a day, don’t you?

Declutter 365

I found my cover online and can’t seem to remember where I downloaded it from.  Oopsy!  I’m sure it would be easy to duplicate something similar to this one. 🙂


Another resource that I loved was Quinn over at Reformation Acres.  We are like-minded in so many ways. <3  You can download previous years files for “FREE” HERE and for just $3.99 you can order her 2015 complete Homestead and Garden Management Binder HERE.  I have ordered mine and printed them out and can’t wait to get started!

I hope you will join me on this challenge.  If we take baby steps and tackle a little at a time, we can all strive to live a simple life!


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  1. […] One other important thing I do, just to make my life simple and complete – I write down all of my spices and their expiration dates, so when I’m doing my weekly menu planning, I can see if I am running low and might need to purchase some.  Remember my Household Binder I created the first part of the year?  You can read all about it HERE. […]

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