Roasted Radishes – Think Twice About This Peppery Veggie


So, my first question is this… you really like radishes?  I honestly can say that I can’t stand them…

UNTIL NOW!  I know they have a bunch of health benefits and I just love their sister, the Daikon Radish. I can eat those babies all day long.  There’s just something peppery about the taste that I don’t like them raw.

So, I had an idea and a thought (well, I actually saw a recipe for roasted radishes on a group I’m in on Facebook).  I still had a thought though.  I of course grabbed my iron skillet and added coconut oil. Chopped all the radishes up and I had two turnips I picked from my garden so I through those in the skillet too.  Added some rosemary and salt and pepper and baked them in the oven.  The rest is history!

Oh my goodness!  These are my new friends.  I like meeting new friends.

Here is my version of roasted radishes.  If you’re on the fence like I was, give these a try.  You will not be disappointed!  So delish!

Oh and the health benefits.  Check all this out:

Weight Loss



Blood Pressure


and there’s more!  You can finish reading the article on radishes’ health benefits HERE.

So, are you ready to get roasting?

Roasted Radishes

  • Servings: 4-6
  • Difficulty: easy
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10-12 Large size radishes
2 Tblsp. of Coconut Oil
2-3 Sprigs of Fresh Rosemary
Himalayan Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper


Take radishes and cut them in quarters. Place coconut oil in iron skillet along with radishes, seasonings and rosemary. Toss it together until well coated and cook on 400 degrees until fork tender.

That’s it! Eat and enjoy!

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