Do you spoil your chickens?  It’s kinda hard not to, right? (1)

Think about the life of a chicken.  They really don’t have much to do during the day except to peck at stuff and lay eggs, if they are a hen.  If it was me, I’d get bored, just saying.

A few years ago, I came up with a homemade yummy treat recipe and gave it to them if they were good LOL.  You can read about it HERE.

Recently, I came across a really neat and healthy treat to give my flock just so I can change things up a bit.  Again, boredom.

Hot Cake

Check out my friends at Farmer’s Helper.  They make several yummy treats to give to your chicks.  I’ve tried them all and my favorite is the Forage Cake and the Hot Cake just because they are fun looking!  I have to tell you that my flock enjoyed them too!  I hung the Hot Cake from the top of the run area in our coop and they each took turns pecking at it.  It’s a great Boredom Buster!!!!


Forage Cake


Be sure and visit my friend Jill at and be sure and tell them I sent you!

Happy Spoiling!!!

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