Day 3 – Reducing inflammation and reversing insulin resistance!


I think today is my favorite so far of speakers.  Since I have an auto-immune disorder, it seems pretty fitting to connect with what everyone is talking about today.  About four years ago I was diagnosed with Leaky Gut, Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue.  While it’s been a roller coaster at times, I will tell you that I have NEVER taken one prescription medicine to treat myself.  I actually refuse to put anything synthetic like that into my body.

Here’s some of my symptoms that I was having:


Joint Pain

Dry Eyes




If you are battling with any of the above symptoms, I hope and pray that you will join me on this summit.  It’s our duty to search out medical personnel that are really looking out for our health.  Even though I’ve never been diagnosed with Diabetes, I have decided to be preventative and feed my other organs, so this horrible disease doesn’t decide to land in my body!


Just click on the link above.  It’s not too late to grab a seat and listen!


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