Well, the time has come.  I really don’t understand where the past 12 years have gone.  My baby girl is graduating!  It’s bittersweet!!!


Kelsey is the oldest of two.  I’m crying as I type this.  Not because I am sad.  Well, maybe just a little. But for the joy in my sweet daughter’s life that is yet to come!  I am so very proud of the young lady she is becoming!


She graduated with a GPA of 3.76 and is already enrolled at Lake Sumter State College for the summer.  She will start working on her AS in Business Administration and then move on to Stetson University to finish with her Family Enterprise Degree.  Her plans are to get her Contractor’s License and then take over our family business one day.  WOW!  I wish I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I was her age LOL.


I’m sharing this with all you moms as I don’t want you to feel discouraged if you are home schooling your kids or even think you’d like to, but you really are overwhelmed.  I get it.  I have home schooled my children for the past six years and I never have looked back!  You can still be an achiever and home school.  I get slack from family that my kids are not around other kids and when did I ever get my teaching degree.  I just politely ignore them and press on!!

The curriculum I have used is A Beka.  A highly accredited school here in Florida.  My son was taught cursive writing at the age of four because I didn’t want to hold him back and put him in a private school.  There’s that dumb rule about the birthday being after September 1st here in Florida.  He’s the 17th of September so I made a choice and I am so glad I did.  He would be bored if I had held him back LOL.  Sure, A Beka is a very hard curriculum, but my kids learned so much and the way they teach it, they picked up and understood everything they were learning with ease.  When we got to 10th grade, we decided to join a co-op where we hired teachers for the more difficult classes – Chemistry, Algebra, Geometry, etc.  We love it and love the interaction with the other kids.  You see, you can be as social or not, just depends on you!

If you’re struggling with the public school system like I was, take the leap!  You can do this!  Just think about the precious time you will get to spend with your children!

Here some tips that I’ve used over the years:

– Get organized

– Keep a binder for each child

– Get plugged in to a co-op or start your own

– All you need is a desire and passion to teach your children

I created a transcript for my kids along with a portfolio of everything that they have done throughout High school.  They will even be receiving a Diploma from the State of Florida.  Kelsey’s school colors are Teal and Black LOL.  She loves Teal so I found her cap and tassel online.  I would love to hear about your home schooling achievements!  Please leave a comment or share them with me on my Facebook Page.  You can view the rest of her photos HERE.

Here’s to all the 2015 GRDUATES and to you MOMS for having the desire and passion to do this!!!  WE ROCK!!

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  1. […] Her dad and I are so proud of her accomplishments.  She plays drums for youth at church.  She served as the President of her 4H club for two years in a row and finished out her Senior year as the Treasurer of the club.  She is also very active in the community.  From serving soup for Lake Cares Food Pantry to volunteering at Camp Boggy Creek.  She has been very active for the past four years and always has a willing hand to lend.  You can read more bragging about her HERE! […]

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