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As we approach this Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, I reflect back on my life throughout the year and realize just how “Thankful” I am.  I strive to show through myself to others just how appreciative and blessed my life is.  I’ve been married for 20 years to a great man, have two awesome kids, local photographer, very active in my church and community and you know…..Sometimes we take for granted just how simple our lives should be.  I’ve been working really hard at not running around and being so “busy” all the time.  When I feel hurried or like I have too much going on, I just stop and ask God to intervene – to give me peace and make this day what he wants it to be!

Doing all I do is a lot of work, but I love every minute of it.  Back in August, my pastor’s wife made a post on Facebook about needing someone to watch her baby.  I prayed about it and told God if he wanted me to do, then open up some free time.  So, I told her I could do it on Thursdays and she wrote me back and said “That was the only day that hadn’t been filled”. Love how God always makes things work out.  Their little girl is now one years old and she brings such joy to my Thursdays now!  I’m GIVING THANKS to God for letting me see that post and for trusting me to watch their child.

Last Thursday I knew I wouldn’t get to see her tomorrow because of Thanksgiving but I wanted to do something cute for her mom and dad, something they could keep as a memory and give to her when she gets older.

So, after her morning nap, we sat down and I traced her hand.  I can’t believe she sat still long enough for me to do that LOL.  I brought over all my crafty stuff and just made a simple little card for them out of her hand.  It’s important to document our lives even at one years old.

I wanted to show my pastor and his wife just how thankful I am that I get to watch their little girl on Thursdays.

I pray you have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow and as you go around the table or throughout the day, tell someone just how thankful you are!





Life on the Farm

farm tour

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking pictures of a farm tour that consisted of touring four different farms within Lake County and a catered lunch at our local community club. I’m really good friends with the owners of one of the farms that I took pics at so I also offered to help my friend Annette out and run the soap store while she and her boys conducted the tour.


It was actually a big deal.  The news was out there and the buses were huge!  My friend raises Nigerian Dwarf goats and makes soap and other products for sale.  Baby goats are the cutest!  Check out all the goats on her website –  They look like puppies when they are first born. Other things on the farm are chickens, horses, cows and of course, donkeys.  Who doesn’t love donkeys, right?

Her soap is so yummy for your skin.  My family and I all have a bar in our shower and I wash my face with the Activated Charcoal soap that she made special for me after I requested it!  Thanks Annette!

I carry her soap in my Etsy shop HERE or you can buy it locally at several different shops including B&W Feed Store, Trader Mae’s Home Decor, Bz’s Happy Plants and coming soon – Ocala (this will be an entire separate blog post as I have some exciting news to share with you later on).

Once you try her soap, you will not go back to what you were using before….you just won’t.

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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