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I love gift giving!  Not just at Christmas, but anytime throughout the year.  I’m always trying new things and experimenting, so it’s fun giving your goodies away, especially when they turn out nice!

Every year at Christmas, I plan to give homemade gifts to my friends and family.  They truly are gifts from the heart.  Not all of my family is “country” like me, so I try to make things that everyone will love!

Here are my Top 5 Simple Gifts to make:

  1. Beeswax Candle –   I got these cute little jars on clearance at Hobby Lobby.  They are roughly 4oz. jars so I decided to make candles.  I love how they turned out! Stay tuned for my recipe 🙂DSC_2109.JPG
  2. Homemade Apple Sauce & Apple Butter – I don’t add any extra sugar, so this is very diabetic friendly or if you just avoid sugar altogether.  It takes a few days to make it, but so worth it.  I used apples I brought back from a trip from North Carolina back in October.DSC_2110.JPG
  3. Pumpkin Bread – This is the best Pumpkin Bread ever!  I seriously mean it.  It’s moist and yummy and makes the perfect gift for someone!  CLICK HERE for the recipe.DSC_2111.JPG
  4. Wood Ornaments – I gave (3) ornaments to each of my nieces and nephews for Christmas.  I placed them in these cute little bags and tied ribbon and wrote their name on the outside of the bag. We ended up making ornaments tonight with glass balls and these were a perfect addition to them.  I brought all my paint and embellishments, while my sister-n-laws brought the rest.  Too cute!DSC_2113
  5. Lip Butter – It feels just like “butta” on your lips.  Well, not the taste of it but the texture.  Everyone uses lip balm.  So, why not give something that is healthy and healing to the lips.  CLICK HERE for my recipe.DSC_2114.JPG

I hope you and your family had a joyous and blessed Christmas!  Keeping it simple is how I do it around here.  There’s nothing like homemade gifts!  When you make something, it comes from the heart!

Lots of blessings!



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  2. Beautiful packaging. I’d let to receive such thoughtful gifts.

    • Thank you! I think the packaging is just as important as the gift inside! <3

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