Beyond the Fence Post

How to remove old fence posts from your homestead

Remember that exciting news I had to tell you?  Well, we’re removing old fence.  Aren’t you excited???  Ok, just kidding…..I do have some news to share with you.

We, meaning, my family, just purchased some more property.  It’s just under 10 acres and we are so excited!  So, this means we will be moving from our little 1 1/2 acres in the woods to more of an open pasture area with beautiful oak trees in the front of our property.

I will be sharing with you more on the details as we are getting ready to build an “old” new Farmhouse.  YAY!!!  Stay tuned but let’s focus now on the whole fence thing first…..

So, we wanted to tear down the existing fence and put up a new nicer split rail across the front and then fence in around the property.

Here I am driving our CAT.  I had the cool job of lifting the posts out of the ground.  My daughter and I took turns while “boss man” aka hubby directed us.

And here is my son carrying all of the posts back to the wood pile.  It truly was a family event!  Only took us a couple of hours to pull about 40 posts out.  Bill aka hubby, removed all the fencing wire last week so he made it easy for us.

Now, if you don’t have a machine like ours, you can still remove the posts pretty quickly. Well, as long as you have someone with strong hands.  Kyle, our 16 year old son, was going in front of us and just twisting the posts and then moving it in circles trying to get the dirt loose.  He then was able to just life the post out of the ground.  Pretty easy unless they are concrete set which our were not.

Stay tuned as I hope you will join me on our new journey!

New property.New “Old” Farmhouse.New Barn.New Livestock.New Garden.






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