Simple Meal Prepping


Do you ever feel rushed when it comes to deciding what to fix for a meal?  I mean, you’ve been out in the garden all day (just pretend that’s where you’ve been) and you haven’t really thought about supper too much then your hubby asks “what’s for dinner”? Uh Oh….

Fortunately, I have something quick and simple I can make.  I always keep meat, veggies and fruits on hand in the freezer at all times.  I also have a reserve of things I’ve canned unless we are getting low.

I shop at a local market to get my hormone free chicken and ground chuck.  I go once a week sometimes every other week and kinda stock up.  Besides, Venison and Pork, we eat a lot of chicken and a little bit of beef each week.

Everything is wrapped in butcher paper so I come home and basically process it.  The chicken is in these two connected breasts that are huge, so I trim off any fat and then butterfly them so I get four breasts.  I then put two in a ziplock bag.  It’s perfect if there’s just two of us or my son wants two breasts for lunch.  He’s a chicken hog like that.

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This week, I bought bison and ground chuck.  I made up patties and put some in my handy dandy tupperware burger holder and some in ziplock bags.  I wrote on the bags what was the contents and the expiration date.  These are perfect for go-to dinners or lunch.  They quickly thaw out as well.  I also take my ground chuck and put several pounds in a big pot and cook it up.  I then let it cool and fill each ziplock bag with it.  It equals out to like a pound.  These are perfect for those quick suppers like homemade sloppy joe’s, chili, spaghetti, etc.  Well, you get the picture…..


Another simple thing I do is cut up veggies and freeze them.  I bought these sweet peppers at another local market and brought them home and started dicing them.  I also diced up a yummy Vidalia onion that someone gave me.



These go in the freezer and are perfect for adding them to an omelette or meatloaf.  I usually spend an hour or so during the evening after supper and do all my prepping or a rainy day is a good day too!  This will literally shave off about two hours of meal preparation.  Well, not really two hours but more like 30 minutes and that adds up a lot.  It’s extra time you could be spending time with your family, playing with your dog or more time in the garden!

What extra prepping do you do?  I’d love to hear  how you save time in the kitchen!






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