The Most Amazing Pickles


Who doesn’t like pickles?  I mean, really.  They have to be dill for me and of course, the more garlic, the merrier!

My good friend Annette over at Cassia Fresh Farm gave me a few pickling cucumbers as mine weren’t ready to pick just yet.  She also told me about an amazing recipe for fermented pickles.  We used to can our pickles several years ago and I remember the disappointment in both of our voices as we bit into one.  No crunch and very soggy.

These are really the most AMAZING pickles!  It’s kinda gross as you go along in this process, but don’t give up.  They are fermenting so at the end when they are all ready, you can always drain the pickles and then add fresh brine to your jars.

I ended up making two jars of whole, one of spears and one of chips.  We had the chips tonight with our burger and oh, my!!!

You can find this recipe HERE.  I can’t take credit for this one but it goes to Alton Brown.  I learned how to cook eggs from him many many years ago.  Now, I’m learning how to make fermented pickles.  Whoah!  How exciting!!!

Follow the recipe and don’t forget to check on your pickles every now and then!





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