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Your FREE “Home Grain Milling 101” eBook

Have you ever wanted to learn more about grinding your own flour? It’s super easy and I’m so excited that I’ve partnered with one of my favorite websites – GNOWFGLINS! If you’re not already following them, then you’re missing out on all the nutritious benefits from fresh milled flour.

At Traditional Cooking School, they show you how to prepare and eat the most nutritious foods possible, the foods God designed for our nourishment. Continue reading

4 Things Needed For Your Prayer Closet

This might seem like a personal topic but seriously, we as Christians need to be praying more. I was just as bad until……

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If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that we are more than halfway finished with our new home. It’s been such a crazy and amazing journey!

Let me start from the beginning.

My husband and I purchased 10 acres back in 2014 and had hopes to build one day and have no mortgage. Why did we need to move though? We had a beautiful home on 1 ½ acres in a neighborhood that we really loved.

We lived about 30 minutes from town and our kids were getting to the age where they were driving and honestly, we were just doing more in town than we did when they were little. My life basically consisted of home-school and 4-H and I was fine with that.

new "old" farmhouse, standing seam roof, new home construction, florida new homes

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