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Have you ever wanted to learn more about grinding your own flour? It’s super easy and I’m so excited that I’ve partnered with one of my favorite websites – GNOWFGLINS! If you’re not already following them, then you’re missing out on all the nutritious benefits from fresh milled flour.

At Traditional Cooking School, they show you how to prepare and eat the most nutritious foods possible, the foods God designed for our nourishment.

These foods are GNOWFGLINS! aka God’s Natural, Organic, Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season.

Yes, that’s what we call them and we’re stickin’ to it! ~ Wardee Harmon

Learn more about GNOWFGLINS here….


So, if you are new to grinding or want to learn more, GNOWFLGINS and I are giving you this FREE Ebook that will take your home grain milling to the next level.

Traditional Cooking School Membership Includes...

I’ve been grinding my own flour for several years now and am the Co-op Coordinator for Bread Becker’s here in North Lake County. If you’d love to join our co-op or want more information on the grains, go to Breadbeckers for more info.

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Download your FREE ebook here.

I hope you find this ebook helpful and I’d love to hear what you end up making!!!

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