Skillet Corn Bread

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, it’s time to start planning your side dishes.

Do you have a dish that reminds you of back when you were little? Mine is my maw maw’s Iron skillet Cornbread. In West Virginia, cornbread pretty much goes with anything lol, so we had it at least once or twice a week when I was a kid.

fresh milled cornmeal, fresh milled hard white wheat flour, iron skillets, cornbread

After maw maw passed away, my mom was fortunate to get her iron skillet and her recipe, so now it can be passed down to more generations.

So, I have to tell you, I’ve tweaked maw maw’s original recipe. I know, I feel bad, but her recipe called for bleached flour and I grind my own. I also grind my own cornmeal. This cornbread recipe is made with whole food ingredients and tastes just as good as the original, I promise.

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1 cup white or yellow fresh milled corn meal
1/2 cup of fresh milled hard white flour
1 tsp salt
1 T. Baking powder
1 T. Coconut Sugar or Stevia
1 egg beaten
Sour Cream
Cast Iron Skillet (a must!)

I use all buttermilk/milk or half milk and half buttermilk. I kind of like the buttermilk better. It’s kind of like pancakes. You can only have buttermilk pancakes, right?

I start with about 1 cup and add the egg and use a fork to beat together. At this point is where you will add the sour cream. Just maybe one or two Tablespoons will work out just fine.

More than likely, you will need to add more buttermilk/milk. The consistency should not be runny, but like a pancake batter, maybe a little thinner?

I then add about 2T of butter to the skillet and preheat in the oven for 5 minutes and pour the batter into skillet. Bake at 425 for 20-25 minutes until browned on top.

This recipe will also make a yummy cornbread dressing. Just add Homemade Chicken Broth or you can buy it. Kettle and Fire is by far my favorite and loaded with collagen. You can find it HERE. Also, add sausage, celery, onions, sage, sea salt and pepper. Now, that’s a yummy sounding dressing!

I’d love to hear if you make my maw maw’s cornbread! I hope this will become your “go-to” cornbread recipe. It’s one of my family’s favorite!!

*Tip: Sour Cream makes this cornbread smooth and creamy

fresh milled cornmeal, fresh milled hard white wheat flour, iron skillets, cornbread

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