Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile and Lodge

I’ve been so busy with Christmas and family that I almost forgot to share with ya’ll my amazing trip out west! Before I get started, I have to tell you, I felt like a kid. I was mesmerized like you wouldn’t believe.

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, Pawhuska, Oklahoma, The Mercantile, Pioneer Woman Boarding House, The Frontier Hotel

WARNING THOUGH: There are lots of pictures! I couldn’t have gone on a trip to Pioneer Woman’s place in Pawhuska, OK and not take a ton of pics!

Let’s start at the beginning. Back in July for my birthday, I asked my husband if I could go to Texas and he made it a reality! He’s the best! I wanted to go to Waco to The Silos and Magnolia Market. So, I started doing some research and I found out, Pawhuska was only about five or six hours away. Uhhmm…I’m going to see Pioneer Woman’s place. When will I ever get to Oklahoma again, right? I was at my closest point.

First off, we flew to Tulsa, OK and then rented a van. I’m a SUV/truck girl so you can imagine my family when they saw the van. Nothing against vans, I just like the boxiness of the others. But a van, that’s the way to go if you are traveling and need to bring things back home! Stow and Go all the way baby!

We checked into the Frontier Hotel, which was right across from The Merc. Pioneer Woman’s hotel, The Boarding house was not available. The Frontier did not disappoint! It was an old building with beautiful rooms. The town of Pawhuska was so charming and you could walk to everything.

We had dinner at Ree’s restaurant and then I went into The Merc just to look around. I’m one of these that likes to look at everything and then go back and make a buying decision.

Next morning, we had breakfast again at the restaurant and then I started shopping. Oh, wow! The food is absolutely amazing and high quality. You can just tell. The merchandise that Ree has selected for The Merc if of utmost quality. It was just perfect and I think we could be friends. Note: I didn’t see anything that was at Wal-mart, so my guess is that they must have an exclusivity with Ree at their stores. It was refreshing to see new items from her kitchen collection.

We left there and then headed out to her Lodge, where she films her Food Network show “The Pioneer Woman”. This is where my jaw dropped. It was different but better than what you see on the show. There’s pieces of the property that we never get see, rightfully so. It was just breathtaking. It was wide open and prairie like.


I can’t believe I finally got to go and especially all the way from Florida. You have to go yourself, especially if you are a fan of Ree, and why wouldn’t you be? I’ve been watching The Pioneer Woman since she started. I homeschooled my kids, I’m a photographer, a blogger. I know, we should be friends.

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, Pawhuska, Oklahoma, The Mercantile, Pioneer Woman Boarding House, The Frontier Hotel

P.S. Stay tuned in two days as I’ll share with you my trip to Waco, Tx and the Magnolia Market! EEK!!!!

**All photos are © Wendy Walker Photography and Little House Simple Living. Both must be credited if using any of my images.

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