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Happy New Year! Can you believe it’s 2019? I don’t really do “resolutions” but I set goals. Maybe it’s finances or a trip I want to plan. So, what goals do you have this year? Speaking of trips, as promised, here is the 2nd part of my trip out west. If you haven’t checked out my 1st stop – Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile and Lodge, then click HERE. Now, onto Texas. It was only a 6 hour ride from Pioneer Woman’s town, so this trip just made sense.

Magnolia Market, The Silos, Waco, Texas, Joanna Gaines, Chip Gaines

Everyone kept telling me – lines will be long at The Silos, so be prepared. I also did my research and decided that Christmas time should be the perfect time to go since most people really aren’t traveling the 2nd week of December. I was right and determined for no one to steal my joy! Wow, it was the most magical experience! Have you been at Christmas? Do you know what I mean?  With us building our new farmhouse and we should be finished in a few months, I thought what better time to go and get some goodies for our new home.

We arrived to The Silos and there were probably around 100 people, which was nothing. I actually thought The Silos was where the shop was, but no, it’s behind them in another building. The market is pretty big. You walk in and it’s so beautifully decorated. I wouldn’t expect anything less, right? Come on, it’s Joanna Gaines.

The main floor has greenery, metal signs and lots of kitchen décor/gadgets. Of course right now, it was all kinds of Christmas ornaments and décor as well.

If you walk down the stairs, there’s “Chip’s Corner” to the left, women’s and men’s t-shirts, wall décor and a small clearance section. Lot’s of beautiful Christmas decorations.

Next, we got hungry and decided to go over to the food trucks. We were told to go to the one called “Club Sandwich”. Ok, so there’s no sandwiches there LOL. I don’t understand the play on the name, but holy wow, was it amazing! We all had “The Trash Can”. It has two meats and this pickled carrot/cucumber slaw on top with an awesome dressing. You definitely have to try it!

Next, there’s a food truck called The Alabama Tea Co. I know I’m from the South, but I had the Yankee just because I don’t drink sweet tea anymore. Sorry, not sorry.

So, after lunch and because it was my husband’s birthday (God Bless him for hanging out with me), we walked over to the bakery and we literally walked right in. Everyone says the lines are wrapped around the building, but no way. It’s smaller than what it looked like on the episode of Fixer Upper, but decorated so cute! I love the simple flavors of the cupcakes. We bought a few chocolate/chocolate (I forgot the actual name) and shiplap. I don’t eat sugar, but please don’t judge, I had to have a few bites LOL. I make a really good cupcake and this was definitely up there on my list of good cupcakes. So moist and yummy!!!

After our dessert, we walked over to the Magnolia Seed store. It has a lot of what’s inside the main market. Being a gardener, I kinda was hoping there would’ve been more garden supplies. There were a few seeds, pots and gloves. Also, there was a beautiful garden growing which was so pretty to see.

We decided to go ahead and leave and head over to the Magnolia Warehouse. It’s the original shop on Bosque Street that was mentioned quite often in the show. It was the cutest shop and we found some awesome deals there.

It was getting close to about an hour before dark and I really wanted to see The Silos at night. I had a feeling they would be all lit up. Boy, were they. So, we headed back there.

First, prior to pulling in, I look over to my right and see a trailer and Jimmy Don standing outside of it. Say what?? I pulled in there and tried to be all cool. I didn’t want to go all fan girl on him. He is the nicest man. He came right over and gave me a hug. We chatted for about 20 minutes and he signed all of our signs that we had purchased that day. He does amazing work!!! I’ll share with you the signs we bought once we move in the house. I already put them in storage for now, sorry LOL.

Magnolia Market, The Silos, Waco, Texas, Joanna Gaines, Chip Gaines, JImmy Don, JDH Iron Designs

My last but not least stop was to go to Harp Design Co. Ever since I saw one of Clint Harp’s table legs on the show, I wanted him to make our legs for our farmhouse table. We are pretty handy/crafty, but we don’t own a lathe and honestly, I’m not sure if our legs would come out matching LOL.

I actually emailed one of his employees and we went back and forth prior to my trip about what size I should get. I ended up meeting with her the day I went along with one of the craftsman. It was so nice to be able to see everything in person. I ended up going with the 5” farm table leg. They arrived two weeks later. I am beyond excited to get started making our table. I’ll post about that in a few months, once we get the house finished.

Sorry for the long post but I wanted to make sure I didn’t leave anything out. Plus, if I can pass along some of my tips prior to you going to Waco, then great.

I hope you enjoy reading and looking at all of my photos. I’d love to know if you’ve gone or if you end up going to Magnolia Market. It is a must see!

Magnolia Market, The Silos, Waco, Texas, Joanna Gaines, Chip Gaines

**All photos are © Wendy Walker Photography and Little House Simple Living. Both must be credited if using any of my images.

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