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How to Cook a Spaghetti Squash in the Instant Pot

Have you ever tried a spaghetti squash? I heard all the rave about them several years ago. First, they are a pain to cut in half, right? They take about an hour to cook in the oven too. For those two reasons, I kinda only cook them a few times a year.

Until now… spaghetti squash in the Instant Pot is so easy breezy!!!

how to cook spaghetti squash in the instant pot
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5 Things to Know Before Staying in a Cabin

Living in Florida, I long for the weather to start cooling off when the rest of the country is.  One thing I’m not a fan of, is not having much FALL foliage here. We have it, but it doesn’t come until January and February. Like right now, the leaves are beautiful!

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Make Bone Broth in the Instant Pot

I’m excited to tell you that I’m loving my new Instant Pot!! My goal here is to share with you all my recipes and I’d love to hear yours as well.

I posted a few years ago my original recipe for Bone Broth, using the traditional 24-48 slow cooker version. This is still a great option but when you’re in a hurry or need to make broth more often, then the Instant Pot is the way to go!

Instant Pot Duo Plus 6 quart, Amazon, Bone Broth in the Instant Pot
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Tips to Building a Custom Home

We have been so blessed to be able to build our third home in the almost 24 years Bill and I have been married. Our first home was a tract-builder home. Our second one was a semi-custom home. Now that my husband is a contractor, we decided to sell that home and custom build our dream Farmhouse. We are building it ourselves. See my post on Why We are Building a Farmhouse.

tips on building a custom home, new home construction, custom home builder

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Organic Sweet Potato & Banana Dog Treats

I don’t normally do a lot of celebrating or decorating for Valentine’s Day but I thought it would be fun to give you an updated version of my homemade dog treats. I created the original recipe Pumpkin & Peanut Butter Dog Treats a couple years ago. Boy, do my dogs love them! I also know they are getting quality ingredients and save us money.

homemade dog treats, organic dog treats, sweet potato, banana, chia seed, dogs, Australian Cattle Dog, Black Lab, German Short haired Pointer

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