How to Plant Potatoes

I’ve never met a potato that I didn’t like. Are you with me? I know we should be limiting our potatoes especially the ones at the grocery store. They are more than likely sprayed with herbicide, which I try to stay away from.


I started growing my own about four years ago and boy, are they good. They are super easy to grow too. What types of potatoes do you like? I love Sweet potatoes, Red potatoes and my absolute favorite are Yukon Gold potatoes. Yukon God potatoes are so creamy when they cook. They make a great mashed potato! I also will boil them, slice them in half, lay them on a cookie sheet (lined with parchment paper), sprinkle sea salt and pepper and lots of butter. I think take a fork or potato masher and pretty much “smash” them on the cookie sheet. Bake them at 350 for 25 minutes and they are delicious! I’ll try to remember to do a post about what to do with potatoes once I harvest them LOL.

Now, onto planting. I buy a bag of Yukon God potato seeds from a local store every January. I reference my Farmer’s Almanac and plant them based on what day is good to plant root crops. Most garden supply stores have potato seeds, just make sure they are non-gmo.


  1. Dig your space or garden area at least 6 inches deep. This will allow for the potatoes to grow properly.
  2. Take each potato seed and cut them in half, making sure each piece has an “eye” on it. Each potato that you are going to plant needs to have at least 1-2 little growths. If your potatoes are small and only have one eye, then just plant it whole.
  3. Drop each cut piece into your soil and space them about 8-10 inches apart.
  4. Cover the trench back up with your hoe.
  5. Water and watch for growth.
  6. Once the green leaves die and turn yellow, your potatoes are ready to pick.                  It’s usually about 45 days after you plant.
  7. Have fun digging up your treasures!

Non-gmo potatoes, yukon gold potatoes, back to eden gardening, heirloom garden, how to plant potatoes

Please watch my tutorial video on YOU TUBE – HOW TO PLANT POTATOES!


Non-gmo potatoes, yukon gold potatoes, back to eden gardening, heirloom garden, how to plant potatoes

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5 thoughts on “How to Plant Potatoes

  1. arrowhillcottage at Reply

    Definitely want to plant potatoes in our new garden. Thanks for the instructions!

  2. This is on our list. I planted potatoes in. New Mexico with good success. I’m ready to try it in Virginia. I also want to grow peanuts. I think that would be fun. We have so many seeds started. I’m ready to hit the garden hard.

  3. Nice looking potatoes! I am looking forward to getting mine in the ground. 🙂

  4. Great post and informative for those who have never grown potatoes. We plant red and Yukon gold but have never done sweet potatoes. Thanks for posting!

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