How to Harvest Potatoes

I’ve never met a potato I’ve never liked LOL. Seriously, I love potatoes and they are actually healthy.

They are loaded with potassium, phosphorus and vitamin C. They are made up of carbohydrates, so I do eat them in moderation. Pulling them fresh from the garden assures that they are even better for you as they haven’t lost any of their vitamin and minerals.

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They can actually benefit several health conditions:

  1. They prevent heart disease
  2. Relieve high blood pressure
  3. Reduce inflammation
  4. Stimulates the brain
  5. Provides relief from rheumatism
  6. Prevents the formation of kidney stones
  7. Facilitates digestion.

To be such a little vegetable, potatoes sure do have some great benefits!



My favorite potato is the Yukon Gold. They make the best mashed potatoes. I also enjoy roasting them in the oven with some butter, Himalayan sea salt and pepper.

Back in January, I wrote about how to plant the potatoes. I also shared a video on how I planted them.  You can find that post HERE.


  1. Wait at least 2-3 months after planting your seed. The plant’s leaves should have all fallen off and the plant should look dead.
  2. Pull the plant out of the ground. You should see several potatoes attached at the root. You will see small and large potatoes.
  3. Dig around in the dirt because there’s always a few that stay in the ground.


  1. Place your potatoes in a brown paper bag. Like an “old school” lunch sack. This will allow for them to have good air circulation.
  2. Next, place your bag of potatoes in a dark cool place. If you live in the North, a cellar is ideal but here in the South, a dark cabinet will do just fine.
  3. They should store fine for around 2-3 months.


*Warning: I say “uhm” alot ha ha.


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