Picking the Perfect Lighting for Your New Home

Our new home building is coming to an end soon. We are probably about 6-8 weeks out and our lighting is being installed right now. What a journey it has been! If you’ve been following along for a while, I hope you have enjoyed my documentation. I will be doing a virtual tour once we are finished and sharing more details of our home.

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Our home is considered custom. We drew our own plans and we are the builder. My husband is a contractor but we pulled the permit individually so we would be able to do more of the work ourselves and take our time building.

Before we even started drawing our plans, I began selecting some of the detailed items such as lighting, doors and faucets. I know it may seem a little early but if you’re wanting something unique, you have to plan for it on the plans.

It seems like everyone is building a Farmhouse these days. I’m not really sure what the word “Modern Farmhouse” really means LOL. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s built new today or is it the décor that’s modern? I’d love to know if you know ha ha.

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A Farmhouse to me is the memory of my grandmother’s home. White home with a big front porch where we all used to gather. I remember simple furniture, shaker panel doors, a big table and pretty lights. I myself am decorating our new “old” farmhouse with vintage décor and lighting. I want our home to feel like it’s been here a while and to have that old-fashioned feeling. Why We’re Building a Farmhouse

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Here are some great tips I wanted to share with you while you are selecting your lights. It has helped me while I’m building and I wanted to pass them along.

  1. Decide your style of your décor. Lighting needs to coordinate with the feel of the home. You wouldn’t want to put a gold/brass hanging pendant in a log cabin ha ha.
  2. Start thinking about what kind of lights and location you want prior to drawing your plans. If you have a floor plan that is already designed, ask your builder if you can add or change lighting locations prior to signing your contract. Oh, and get that in writing too.
  3. Once you decide your style, start searching online. That is going to be your best place to purchase them.  You can find what’s in trend right now and even handmade custom lighting that’s more unique to your style.
  4. Decide if you want anything on a dimmer. Your dining room chandelier would look great if you want that romantic cozy feel. You just need to tell your builder or your electrician if you’re building the home yourself.
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Here is another tip if you are having an island in your kitchen.

Depending on the length of the island, you will need to determine if you want two or maybe three lights hanging over it. I found this cool diagram from www.clairebellastudioblog.com that really helps you see it laid out.

Here are some of the lights I have chosen for our home. Again, I’m more of a vintage/colonial girl and these will fit the period styling to our new farmhouse. I’d love to know if you’re building or just doing a remodel with new lights. If so, how was your selection process?

If you like the more vintage/colonial farmhouse look, I am now offering all of my lighting for sale over on my website –


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  1. thediynuts at Reply

    Great tips here! I love picking lighting, but sometimes find it so overwhelming trying to figure out different ones that will all go together!

  2. The home lighting tips are supper for remodeling, and those purchasing a new home ideas.

  3. everydayfarmhouse at Reply

    I love the colonial look too, but am drawn to some of the more modern looks as well! Building sure sounds like fun!

  4. Your lighting choices are gorgeous! This is very helpful! We replaced some lighting last year and it was very stressful with so many choices!

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