DIY Dresser Sink Vanity

When you are building a new home and are self-contracting, you hardly have time for anything else. Hence my absence from blogging LOL. I’m trying my best to get it together and post more often. After all, I’m just over here wingin’ it half the time ha ha!

In the beginning stages it’s not that bad, but boy, once drywall goes up, it gets busy. We’ve been taking our time so it’s not going as fast as the normal house build, but there’s still a lot going on.

DIY Dresser Sink Vanity, Old Dresser Vanity, Vintage Dresser Sink

National builders can take anywhere from 4-6 months to build a house where as custom builders can take much longer. With a custom home, you have more flexibility in your selections such as trim and flooring. Our home is a little different case though LOL. We have been building for a little over three years as we didn’t want a mortgage when we are finished. It’s been fun and exhausting but will be worth it when we are completed.

Now, let’s talk about bathroom vanities. Uh, I’ve searched high and low and man, are they expensive! I just have a hard time spending $600-900 on a sink vanity. Even the big box stores are pricey.

So, I stumbled across an adorable old dresser back in June when I was visiting some friends in Bluffton, SC. I fell in love as soon as I saw it but I needed to measure it to make sure it was tall enough. Some of the older dressers are not that tall and it needed to be between 33-36 inches high. This one was 34 and on sale for $40.00. Score!

I loaded it in my car and started working on it as soon as I came back home from my trip. The first things that needed to be done was the top. I loved the finish, which was white, but I think it needed a contrasting top. I sanded it down and decided to stain it. I then added three coats of Polyurethane and love how it turned out.

I found the actual sink on Wayfair and the faucet collection for the entire bathroom came from Delta.

It was actually a fun little project. I was kinda pressed for time as the plumber was showing up the week I got back from our trip. Hence the reason why I need to get this thing figured out ha.

We also wanted this vanity to be a piece of furniture so we came off a few inches from the wall and then secured it. The backsplash was made from a thin piece of pine wood. I told our employee aka “Amazing Carpenter”, I wanted the backsplash to look like the front of the dresser and he nailed it! I love how he “gets me” every time I have an idea.

I just love DIY projects. I’d love to hear what you are working on. Do you focus on particular items or do you like all kinds of DIY projects?

Hope you have a wonderful week!

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8 thoughts on “DIY Dresser Sink Vanity

  1. This is awesome. Can you still use some of the drawers?

  2. Dorothy, the bottom is fully functional and the the two above that have a notch cut out. The top drawer is just the front glued on as that it covering the bulk of the pipes. I think I’m going to put towels in the bottom and then smaller things in the other two drawers. 🙂

  3. I love! I would definitely do this if we were remodeling or building a new house! Turned out great:)

  4. Jen at Reply

    So cute! I love how it turned out!

  5. This turned out amazing! Love how it looks! You have so much patience to wait three years!!

  6. arrowhillcottage at Reply

    I LOOOOOVE this! It looks amazing! We also are building a new house, but trying to save on things like bathroom vanities. I have been frequenting our local Habitat ReStore and have picked up some nice used options. 🙂

  7. Kym at Reply

    I love how you mimicked the original too with the granite. It’s my dream to find the perfect sideboard for our bathroom redux.

    • Thank you Kym! I love using old furniture in the home.

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