Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile and Lodge

I’ve been so busy with Christmas and family that I almost forgot to share with ya’ll my amazing trip out west! Before I get started, I have to tell you, I felt like a kid. I was mesmerized like you wouldn’t believe.

The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, Pawhuska, Oklahoma, The Mercantile, Pioneer Woman Boarding House, The Frontier Hotel

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Simple Ham and Bean Soup

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Do you ever feel like we do so much to get ready for the BIG day and then it’s over. I don’t want it to be over. We still have our decorations up. The New Year is such a time for changes, so I think the twinkling lights add something magical to that.

So, now that Christmas is over, what do you do with your ham? Oh, you didn’t have ham?

Ham and Bean Soup, Instant Pot Recipes
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Homemade Healthy Hot Chocolate

The cold weather has arrived here in the South! When I say cold, I mean I woke up to 37 degrees this morning, y’all. That calls for some hot chocolate, don’t you think?

I started making my own mix about eight years ago and it only has three simple ingredients. I’m not one to eat a lot of sweets but a good cup of healthy homemade hot chocolate never stopped me!

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How was your Thanksgiving? I did really good this year and didn’t over stuff myself LOL. We had lots of yummy “from scratch” food and I can’t wait to share those recipes with you one day. For now, lets talk about today. Today is the day that you can sit in the comfort of your home, get on your laptop and get some great deals.


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Simple Gifts

As I’ve gotten older, I realize, the less “stuff” I need. I’ve noticed I’m more methodical as I make buying decisions now, too. Maybe I’m becoming more wiser in my older age LOL.

When my kids were little, I definitely was all about hitting the Black Friday deals. My sister and I would team up and go to different stores, just so we could get the kids the toys that they wanted. Were we crazy or what?

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What I am Thankful For

November seems to be the month where we can relax. October we are all busy with pumpkins and festivals and the day after Thanksgiving, well, starts the Christmas festivities. I love November! I still keep my Fall decor up through Thanksgiving and just live the month with gratitude!

This month we honored a very special lady. My husband’s grandmother turned 95 and we thru a big bash to celebrate her special day!

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Skillet Corn Bread

With Thanksgiving less than two weeks away, it’s time to start planning your side dishes.

Do you have a dish that reminds you of back when you were little? Mine is my maw maw’s Iron skillet Cornbread. In West Virginia, cornbread pretty much goes with anything lol, so we had it at least once or twice a week when I was a kid.

fresh milled cornmeal, fresh milled hard white wheat flour, iron skillets, cornbread

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How to Start a Sourdough Starter

Have you ever tried using a a Sourdough Starter before? I’ll never forget my first time LOL using it. A friend of mine gave me a starter and I did really good leaving it on the counter and having to feed it and then made the most delicious bread.

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Your FREE “Home Grain Milling 101” eBook

Have you ever wanted to learn more about grinding your own flour? It’s super easy and I’m so excited that I’ve partnered with one of my favorite websites – GNOWFGLINS! If you’re not already following them, then you’re missing out on all the nutritious benefits from fresh milled flour.

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4 Things Needed For Your Prayer Closet

This might seem like a personal topic but seriously, we as Christians need to be praying more. I was just as bad until……

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