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How to Plant Potatoes

I’ve never met a potato that I didn’t like. Are you with me? I know we should be limiting our potatoes especially the ones at the grocery store. They are more than likely sprayed with herbicide, which I try to stay away from.


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Using What You Have


Sometimes things just don’t work out.  Especially in the garden.  All the years I have been gardening, I have yet to find a cage/trellis/thing a ma jig or anything that will work for my tomatoes.  I LOVE tomatoes and always plant several varieties.  They start growing and then basically take over their space!

Well, I am excited that this year I am trying a few new things that I think are going to work out pretty nicely.  As I was planting this spring, I spaced my tomato plants far enough apart but I forgot which variety I planted so I guess I will have a surprise when they start growing LOL.

In my search to build the perfect “cage” so to speak, I walked out back of our shop to see what I could find.  I always use stuff laying around here before I go out and buy something. Being in construction, we are always have something I can use LOL.  And, I don’t like being wasteful.

I found two pieces of re bar and I used mason twine, which is much stronger than your normal twine.  I already had an old chain link gate that I started training one of my tomato plants but I knew it wouldn’t be enough.  So, I pounded the re bar in the ground in front of the tomato plant and then wrapped the twine around and staggering it every 4 inches.  This one will work out good cause as the tomatoes grow, I will just hang them on the twine.

The other tomato plant, I set two fence posts the length of my garden bed and then just tied the twine and staggered it.  As this one grows, I can train it to go through the twine and then hang the tomatoes as they grow.  I am so excited and so glad I’m not frustrated this year with my tomatoes!

Now that I have my trellises made, I have to tell you that I have never been able to grow tomatoes in the month of June before.  It’s just way too hot here in Florida.  This year is different since trying the Back to Eden Gardening method.  I am truly amazed at how planting God’s way has made a difference in how my garden grows.If you get a chance, check out their video on how it all works.

What types of things do you use for trellises or cages?  Do you use things around your property or have you found something in a store that’s truly amazing?  I’d love to hear either in an email, comment below or on my Facebook page.




The Most Amazing Pickles


Who doesn’t like pickles?  I mean, really.  They have to be dill for me and of course, the more garlic, the merrier!

My good friend Annette over at Cassia Fresh Farm gave me a few pickling cucumbers as mine weren’t ready to pick just yet.  She also told me about an amazing recipe for fermented pickles.  We used to can our pickles several years ago and I remember the disappointment in both of our voices as we bit into one.  No crunch and very soggy.

These are really the most AMAZING pickles!  It’s kinda gross as you go along in this process, but don’t give up.  They are fermenting so at the end when they are all ready, you can always drain the pickles and then add fresh brine to your jars.

I ended up making two jars of whole, one of spears and one of chips.  We had the chips tonight with our burger and oh, my!!!

You can find this recipe HERE.  I can’t take credit for this one but it goes to Alton Brown.  I learned how to cook eggs from him many many years ago.  Now, I’m learning how to make fermented pickles.  Whoah!  How exciting!!!

Follow the recipe and don’t forget to check on your pickles every now and then!





A Little Faith

There is just something about biting into a fresh picked veggie, isn’t there?

FullSizeRender (2)

At first, when my friend Dara mentioned a new gardening method, I felt a little like “No way I can grow veggies without water”.  I watched the 2 hour video on the Back to Eden website and just absorbed all the info that I could.  Have you heard of it?  I decided to change my method to the BTE (Back to Eden) this Spring.  What better way to honor God than through the garden.  After all, that’s where it all started, right?

Just five days ago, this little cucumber was this size below.  Isn’t is amazing how we take a seed and it grows!


I’m so excited about my new garden this year.  I do not have irrigation installed.  In fact, we don’t even have a well installed yet at our new property.  I only use water on the really hot days which fortunately, hasn’t been too many so far.  When I do water, I take my 2 gallon sprayer container and go back to our shop ( about five acres away) and fill it up.


So, here is the new method I am using.  I have to say, there are not pests at all.  I NEVER use pest control as my garden is all heirloom seeds from Baker Creek Seeds.


The above photo is where it all starts.  I lay newspaper or cardboard down and then add a layer of manure on top of that.


I then add about 8-10 inches of wood chips.  The wood chips help retain all the moisture hence the no need for much watering.


Then, goes the rows filled with manure again.  Once the plants start growing, then I will spread the chips on top of the roots.


I truly am so amazed at how gorgeous all of my veggies are growing.  I had the faith that God would provide and he has indeed!  Above is Basil that I planted all from seed.  I will split the basil up here in just a little bit so it doesn’t get so top heavy.  A future goal of mine is to grow herbs in pots and sell them and maybe a possible veggie stand in the future . 🙂

Alrighty, stay tuned as I’ll be posting the progress of everything else too.  Have a great week!




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