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Free Thyroid Cookbook [Limited Time]

Friends!   I’m so excited to share a new resource with you!!

I’ve been battling Hypothyroidism for the past few years and I recently came across this amazing website from Dr. Izabella Wentz.  I’ve also realized that when your thyroid is off, then your gut is off.  So, I’ve started making some changes with my diet and healing my thyroid more naturally.

As a thyroid patient herself, Dr. Wentz has struggled with fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, and countless other symptoms. She was determined to get her life back and now helps others do the same!  Sounds like me!


Dr. Wentz has collected the best thyroid tools and resources from 30+ experts to give you the tools you need to help you overcome your own thyroid struggles. The Thyroid Bundle is filled with helpful E-books (like Dr. Wentz’s “Overcoming Fatigue Guide” or the “Optimizing Medication Guide”),meal-plans and coupons!

The Thyroid Bundle is available to you at a fraction of the cost -> check it out HERE… best of all we are giving away an entire Thyroid E-cookbook to you for FREE, to get you started on the right path!

If you have personally struggled with your own thyroid diet … this is one resource you simply don’t want to pass up.

Whether you’re just dipping your toes in or looking for more recipes, this free thyroid e-cookbook is both inspiring and practical, with more than 80 recipes, plus inspirational stories and quotes from people who have helped countless others transform their health.  Authors included are Dr. Josh Axe, Dr. Amy Meyers, Katie from Wellness Mama and many many more!

You don’t want to miss this!

You can grab the FREE e-cookbook HEREBe sure to pay this forward and share with your friends and family!  Enjoy!


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How to make a Roux

What is a Roux (pronounced “roo”)?  It’s a thickener that chefs use in soups, stews and cream sauces. I make a roux when I am making my Homemade Mac ‘N Cheese and a variety of sauces and soups.

Guess what?  It’s super easy to make too!

There are different stages of roux’s and how long you cook the roux depends on what you’re using it for.  For example, if you are cooking something that’ s a lighter color, like alfredo or Homemade Mac ‘N Cheese, you would use the lighter roux.  If you are making a brown gravy or beef stew, you would use the darkest roux.

Read all about the different “Roux” stages HERE.

How to Make a Roux

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Begin with equal parts of butter and flour.

Umbromated/Unbleached Flour

Unsalted Real Butter (homemade, Troyer, Kerrygold, etc.)


Add butter to skillet on low heat.  As the butter melts, slowly add the flour and whisk together.  The mixture will be clumpy, but keep whisking until it’s thick and creamy.

And you’re done! See, making stuff from scratch is really quite easy and simple!!  Post some of your favorite recipes using a Roux here in the comments or on my Facebook Page!

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TAKE THEM A MEAL – Tips on taking food to a family in need



Ever wander what to make and take for a family in need?  Maybe they just had a baby or a loved one is sick in the hospital.  Taking a meal will comfort them in more ways than one.  The last thing most people think about is preparing a meal during a hectic time in their life.

If it’s something I am organizing for church or our community center, I use Take Them a Meal.  It’s a perfect way to organize a larger group so the family will get a variety of food to eat.

Keep in mind, you don’t always have to just bring dinner to a loved one.  They still eat other meals throughout the day, so get creative!  You could bring a breakfast casserole, homemade granola and fruit for breakfast or a sandwich platter for lunch and of course, you can’t forget snacks and dessert – go for fresh fruit or homemade ice cream.

I recently organized meals for one of our pastors as he and his wife just had a baby.  I told them to let others provide them meals, so that they can spend time getting acclimated to their new little one.  So, they still have to eat, right?  That’s where the church came in…….

So, I decided to make my homemade baked potato soup and serve it with a salad and homemade ranch along with a baguette of crusty bread.




For dessert, I thought about something easy for them to prepare.  What better thing to do than to curl up on the couch with a loved one and watch a movie and eat popcorn!  And, what’s popcorn without something sweet?  I added a small bag of m&m’s to go along with it.

I know I am anti-dye, but once in a while won’t hurt ya! 😉



I packaged everything in this cute basket, which I bought specifically just to hold my soup jars in LOL. Hey, everything has to have a purpose ya know!



Taking someone in need a meal doesn’t have to be a big stress event!  If you don’t have time to prepare yourself, then grab take out or you can even give them gift cards to their favorite restaurants.  You could also take it a step further and order pizza and have it delivered to their home.  Just give them a heads first so they don’t think it’s some prank when they open the door LOL.

Be blessed!


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