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Do You Spoil Your Chickens?



Seriously, who spoils their chickens?  Well, when we decided to start raising chickens, the first thing that came to my mind was how cute I could decorate the coop!  It’s their home and I wanted it to look pretty. I wander sometimes if they know just how spoiled they are?


One day when I was at my usual health food store shopping for my family, I started looking at the seeds and beans and thought “These would be healthy for Rusty and the girls” (AKA chickens), uhm….



What I purchased above is green and yellow lentils and barley.  The total cost came to $5.00 and they are all organic.  Do you know much about lentils?  They have amazing health benefits.  Lentils are loaded with fiber, protein, potassium, zinc, B Vitamins, iron and magnesium.


So, I placed some in a bowl and filled it with water and placed a towel on it.  I let this set overnight.


Soaking beans, nuts, seeds and grains assist with digestion and give us great enzymes.  When eaten straight out of the bag, it wreaks havoc on our digestive system.


After they sit overnight, place them in glass mason jars and put them in the fridge.  Now, every time you go out to the coop, take a jar and sprinkle in your chicks feeder.


I’ll talk about sprouting them in another post and I’ll share with you a recipe for some “treats” for your chicks. Just think about how much healthier your eggs and chickens will be! 🙂


See, I told you I spoiled my chickens!

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See, I told you I spoil my flock!


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