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What I am Thankful For

November seems to be the month where we can relax. October we are all busy with pumpkins and festivals and the day after Thanksgiving, well, starts the Christmas festivities. I love November! I still keep my Fall decor up through Thanksgiving and just live the month with gratitude!

This month we honored a very special lady. My husband’s grandmother turned 95 and we thru a big bash to celebrate her special day!

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If you are following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that we are more than halfway finished with our new home. It’s been such a crazy and amazing journey!

Let me start from the beginning.

My husband and I purchased 10 acres back in 2014 and had hopes to build one day and have no mortgage. Why did we need to move though? We had a beautiful home on 1 ½ acres in a neighborhood that we really loved.

We lived about 30 minutes from town and our kids were getting to the age where they were driving and honestly, we were just doing more in town than we did when they were little. My life basically consisted of home-school and 4-H and I was fine with that.

new "old" farmhouse, standing seam roof, new home construction, florida new homes

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Happy 4th of July

What does today mean to you? Maybe you’re going to a BBQ and then watching fireworks afterwards? That’s what we do, right? But, what if, we dug deeper to find out why we celebrate this holiday?

So, when we think about July 4th we think of the Declaration of Independence, right? The day America was born, July 4, 1776. You can read all about the history HERE. It’s pretty interesting to go back in time and learn of all the neat history stuff of America.

I usually spend this day reflecting on how fortunate and blessed we are to live in America. It’s such a cool place! Of course we are having a BBQ and my hubby and his friend Mike are setting off a huge firework show in our pasture as a grand finale for the evening. We are having some close friends come over, nothing big and fancy. Sometimes, it’s the simple gatherings we have with our close friends and family that make it so much more memorable.

So, what are your plans for today? Stay safe and have a wonderful day no matter what you are doing!



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I’m Not the Director Here


What a whirlwind it’s been lately. Exactly one week ago today, I woke up to the text that my sweet friend Janet went to be with Jesus. But I don’t understand. I just saw her in the hospital less than 24 hours ago. Janet was diagnosed six months ago with Stage 4 Lung Cancer that went to her bones and brain. The doctor cleared her of any cancer in her body just a few weeks ago. But she woke up last week and couldn’t breathe. How does that happen? This wasn’t the way I planned it. We just had her service on Wednesday and all I keep hearing from words that her wonderful family spoke of is “This is the day that the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

I prayed and prayed with Janet over the past six months and believed that God would heal her. Janet did receive her healing. There’s no doubt in my mind that she is sitting in heaven with Jesus. I remember sitting with her a few months ago and a doctor’s office had called to schedule a scan. They said, ” You have cancer, right?” She looked at me and we both chuckled and Janet whispered, “What do I say?” I then said, “No, don’t speak it.” Janet then told the lady on the phone, “That’s what the report shows.” We just laughed when she got off the phone. Too many times we start believing what the enemy wants us to believe and if we truly are walking with God, then we know that we are healed.

I’m still in shock about Janet’s passing which brings me to this post. I missed last weeks reading of Chapter 3 of So “Close to Amazing” so I thought I’d combine Chapter 4 with it. What a fitting week in the book for what I’m going through right now. If you’re like me, do you try to write your own script for your life? Like do you live as if you are in a Hallmark Movie? OK, good, I’m not the only one. Life isn’t about us pre-planning and figuring out how our entire life will be. I do know that when I get out of the way, my life makes so much more sense. Just like losing Janet wasn’t part of my script but I realize now that I was here for the lessons that I was going to learn through her. She walked in grace and confidence and loved everyone. I’m going to carry that out and knowing how she impacted my life I will be forever grateful for her friendship.


Have a wonderful weekend!!!



Are you going to join me?

I want to invite you into the most powerful conversation about miracles – and mindset – that I think has ever taken place. My friend, JJ Virgin’s, movie premiere, You Are Stronger Than You Think opens today. (And I have a front row ticket for you).
The world’s leading minds debate that miracles are even possible.
…But this movie has created a powerful idea to consider:
not only are miracles possible, they come from you, not happen to you.

Here are the facts:

  • JJ’s 16-year-old son was in a near-tragic hit-and-run accident and left for dead.
  • He was given a VERY low chance of survival.
  • This story – and what happened next – are life-altering.


Click here to join me (and I want to hear your thoughts – please add your comments on the world premiere page after you watch the movie).


P.S.: I know you’re going to be moved by this experience! The next step is JJ’s memoir, Miracle Mindset. Watch for it – I couldn’t put it down.

* This is one of those once-in-a-lifetime stories. The movie is uplifting and life-altering, and I hope you’ll share this email – and the invitation – with the people you care about most.

A Soldier Indeed

I’ve been a little “MIA” for a while and I wanted to share why.  My dad has been quite sick for the past few years.  He was diagnosed with Agent Orange related Congestive Heart Failure about eight years ago, COPD, PTSD and failing lungs.  He was a proud Vietnam Veteran and loved his country!  He served in two tours in Vietnam and spent a total of 20 years in the US Army.


On top of all of his illnesses, my dad was an alcoholic.  I remember as a child how alcohol effected him.  It’s a wicked illness and the alcoholic doesn’t know how to get out.

The past couple of years have been rough.  My parents divorced after 45 years of marriage. See what alcohol does? My dad re-married four years ago and it’s just been so tough trying to warm up to his new wife.  Do you know what I’m saying?

I used to be able to spend all kinds of time with my dad but ever since he re-married, we have to schedule visits and well, it’s just different.  This is me and my hubby with my dad about five years ago, just when he started to get sick.


Let’s fast forward to 2016.  It is now the 2nd week of January and my dad was in the hospital.  Hospitals became a frequency of ours with dad, but this time was different.  He wasn’t coming home.  My dad’s lungs were failing.  My sister, daughter, niece and I watched him take his last breath.  He passed away on January 24th, just five days before his birthday.  He would have been 69.  It still blows my mind that he was so young.


It still seems like a blur and I’m trying to get back on track and into my normal routine, but it’s still hard.  RIP Daddy, I miss you!  I’m thankful for God’s love and that dad isn’t suffering anymore.

Ok, so……let me wipe my tears and share something happy now.  I’ve got some “good news” but I’ll be revealing it in another post.  Don’t be mad……Oh, alright, I will give you a hint……


Until then…..have a wonderful evening!


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